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Our students in Rainhill are currently attending our Widnes centre...

New Rainhill Centre opening very soon

Rainhill Tuition Centre

Private Tutors for all ages and abilities; Primary School, 11+, KS3 and GCSE

Maths, English & Science Tutors

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We have been working as private tutors with Rainhill students for 12 years, aiding students of all ages and abilities feel confident at school and do their very best in their exams. Being a locally-based tuition provider, we have worked with students from schools in Rainhill, Widnes, St Helen's and across Warrington, so we are familiar with all the methods, texts and exam boards local schools are using.

Currently, our Rainhill students mostly attend tuition sessions in our Widnes centre

A new Rainhill Tuition Centre will be opening soon.

Private Tuition in Rainhill

Rainhill Maths Tuition

Maths tuition in Rainhill is perfect for any student wanting to improve their maths abilities and grow more confident while doing so. We create a supportive environment with expert Rainhill Maths tutors who work to make sure that students not only understand maths but enjoy it!

Rainhill English Tuition

English tutors in Rainhill work with students to ensure their English skills are up to scratch. This means offering English tuition that covers the skills and areas most relevant to them, whether its GCSE English literature texts used in Rainhill schools or honing their creative writing or simply learning the alphabet.

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Rainhill Science Tuition

Science tuition in our upcoming Rainhill centre will follow the same tried and tested approach as all centres. Science tutors in Rainhill will cover topics according to those identified in assessment as being problem areas for each student as an individual, getting to know their strengths and weaknesses and providing ideal science tuition for them.

Rainhill 11+ Tuition

Our private 11+ tuition for Rainhill is based on 12 years of successful entrances to schools including Blue Coat and other Liverpool grammar schools. Our Rainhill 11+ tutors work individually to the needs of each student as well as the relevant exam board for their grammar school entrance exam.

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Our Tutors

Our tutors in Rainhill are experts in the curriculum for maths, English and science, and are chosen for their natural teaching abilities and excellent qualifications.

By working with the same students each week, tutors can get to know their Rainhill tuition students and cater tuition directly to them. This, we have found, gives the best results and most productive tuition sessions. Rainhill tutors can even choose work that will engage them fully and appeal to their interests.

Furthermore, we create a supportive familiar environment with the help of all our Rainhill tuition staff. This kind learning environment is vital for students to feel safe and to get the most our of their tuition sessions.

Rainhill Maths tuiton prices


Below are the prices for our in-person small group tuition. We also offer online tuition, including one-to-one.

All tuition is subject to our terms and conditions.


One hour per week: £87

(£20 per hour)

Two Hours per week: £155

(£18 per hour)

Paid monthly in advance


One hour per week: £22

Two Hours per week: £40

Paid each week

Not sure if we are right for you and your child? Book a free trial!

This gives you an opportunity to meet us in person and for your child to see what tuition with us might be like.

The free trial is not available for Year 5 students taking 11+ exams in September 2023. Please call 01925 555567 to arrange tuition if your child is taking an 11+ exam in the September 2023. All tuition is subject to our terms and conditions.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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We have over a decade of experience working with students from Warrington, Widnes and Rainhill, and know just how serious education is to students and parents alike. We match students with the perfect Rainhill tutor and keep up to date with their progress and in regular communcation with parents so that parents can feel confident their child is getting the help they need.

If you have any concerns about your child's education or simply want to ensure they are performing at their very best, please get in touch.

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