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Maths is a core subject for all children from when they start school at 4 all the way until they pass their GCSE at age 16, or later if they need to resit. There is far more emphasis on the maths curriculum today on how to use maths in a real life environment.  This has led an increased number of parents to seek out  a mathematics tutors for their child.

At 3Rs Tuition, we have excellent experienced maths tutors available whether it is for help working towards the maths GCSE, year 6 maths tests and many more.  Listed below are just some of the mathematics tutors we have available

  • Key Stage 1 maths tutors

  • Key Stage 2 maths tutors

  • SATs maths tutors

  • Entrance Preparation maths tutors

  • 11+ maths tutors

  • Key Stage 3 maths tutors

  • GCSE maths tutors

  • A Level maths tutors

There is now a requirement that all children must achieve at least a level 4 (grade C in the old grading system) before they leave education at 18. Our maths tutors have been working towards this and have helped our students achieve extremely good results in the past

The way that maths is taught in schools is like building a house.  First you build the foundations, then the walls and then the roof.  Only then can you fit out the inside.  If at any stage your child falls behind, the next stage in the teaching becomes much harder and children then often lose confidence.  This is when we hear the "I just can't do maths". 

Culcheth, Lymm, Warrington & Widnes Maths Tutors

At 3Rs we offer maths tuition that will help your child achieve their full potential.  One of the first areas to improve is their confidence as they realise they can do maths.  All students have a tailored tuition plan ensuring that we give the best possible tuition at all times.  This is updated on a regular basis so parents/guardians always are kept informed as to how their child is progressing.

We offer maths tuition from age 4 all the way through to A level.  We have experienced tutors who have helped students at all levels.  

If you wish to find out how we can help your child, please contact us.