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YEARS 12 & 13

The importance of attaining exceptional A Level/BTEC Level 3 qualifications has increased significantly in the last decade and this trend will continue, if not become an even more crucial aspect of the lives of young adults. Rising tuition fees, the boom of international students and overall competition for a place in a top UK University has had an impact on the approach to A Levels and the demand and desire for exceptional grades.

Therefore, our approach to A Level/BTEC tuition at 3Rs Tuition is a holistic one, as we believe that the key to attaining exceptional grades relies not only on knowledge of the subject, but also confidence and acquiring skills that we can take on with us to further study.

This means that our students benefit from both our exceedingly high tuition standards and a level of care and compassion that makes us stand out from the crowd.

In addition to improving subject knowledge and identifying weaker areas, our A Level tutors are dedicated to helping students improve their own study skills, exam preparation and personal organisation.  Our tutors are also help our students during the UCAS application process or with whatever their choice is beyond A levels.  This includes helping with personal statements, job applications, CVs, along with help with clearing and adjustment places when the final results come out.

One or two hours tuition per week is all it takes to make that difference

A Level Tuition

The key to achieving your best possible grade at A levels is not only subject knowledge but how to use that knowledge to answer exactly what the examiner is asking.  All too often we see students believing they have produced an A* answer that has in fact drifted from the question asked.  The A* answer suddenly fails to provide any of those all too valuable UMS marks.

A levels are a big jump up from GCSEs.  At 3Rs Tuition we work with our students to ensure that they answer questions to a standard expected at A level.  It is a simple fact that a three mark question at GCSE may well only be worth one mark at A level.

At 3Rs Tuition we have A Level tutors available for a wide range of subjects, including:

  • A Level Maths tutors

  • A Level English tutors

  • A Level Chemistry tutors

  • A Level Biology tutors

  • A Level Physics tutors

  • A Level Geography tutors

  • A Level History Tutors

  • A Level Business Studies Tutors

  • A Level Further Maths tutors

  • A Level Statistics tutors

BTEC Level 3

Nearly 25% of students who started university in 2016 gained admission by completing a BTEC Level 3. In the past, these qualifications have largely been ignored in favour of the more traditional A Level route. Not anymore.

A number of our past students have gone on to university to study a wide range of degrees. Below is a sample of the degrees taken:

  • Pharmacy

  • Aviation

  • Nursing

  • Midwifery

  • Education

  • Business

We have helped students achieve high grades in the following BTECs:

  • Applied Science

  • Health & Social Science

  • Business Studies