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Science Tuition

Science tuition designed to help KS3 and GCSE students develop a robust understanding of the world around them and excel in STEM fields.

Science Tuition at 3Rs

In a topic as broad as the sciences, our tuition stands out by working on the topics that each individual student needs. Even before the division of "Science" into biology, chemistry and physics (which may only take place in most schools in Year 9 or Year 10 at the beginning of the GCSE programme), we personalise our science tuition to the topics and subjects in which our students most need help. Whether its understanding cell structure, ionic bonding or speed-distance-time calculations, our science tutors are here to help.

Individual Tuition Plans

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KS3 Science Tutors

Our KS3 Science tutors help students adapt to the changing way that science is taught from the moment students enter Year 7. For the first time, KS3 students are expected to understand the world around them on a much more complex level, and this is where science tutors are able to help.


Our tutors are trained to give detailed and engaging explanations of what students are covering in KS3 science lessons, at a pace and level that suits them. This gives students an opportunity to ask questions and gain a proper understanding, ensuring they not only understand topics but that they begin to build an appreciation for science that may last a lifetime.

Science is now a compulsory subject at GCSE and will account for the equivalent of at least two or three qualifications for the majority of students. Preparing KS3 students for the work expected at GCSE by giving them a great foundation of understanding is something our science tutors are experts in. Through careful science tuition, all students can approach learning with a scientific mindset.

ks3 science tutors

GCSE Science tutors

GCSE Science, now a compulsory subject, comes in a variety of different approaches. With different exam boards, Higher and Foundation courses and of course the combined or separate approaches to biology, chemistry and physics, science tuition must be adaptable. With our Individual Tuition Plans, our science tutors can cater the topics covered in sessions to exactly what each student needs. What's more, with the same tutor working with your child over the course of their tuition, they can get to know them and understand how they learn best.

GCSE science tutors
Science Tuition for Careers in STEM

In a modern world, the importance of science cannot be overstated - our science tuition is designed to complement that. Many of our students recognise the importance of a good understanding of science in order to achieve their aspirations, whether it is a career they are interested in, the University degree they want to study or the college course they wish to enrol on. Our science tuition aims to both push their comprehension and ability to its highest level while also ensuring the grades they need. Whether its vetenitary science, chemical engineering and astrophysics, our GCSE science tutors are committed to help our students reach their goals.

If you have any questions about our science tuition or how we can help your child, please get in touch via the form below.

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