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Help With Fees

We try our best to keep our prices affordable, however we also know that all families are looking for ways to save money at the moment.


As an Ofsted registered After School Childcare provider, there are several ways to offset our costs through Government grants and schemes designed to help with childcare costs.

The main ways are detailed below, but please visit the GOV.UK to check your elibility.

Tax Free Childcare

  • Save 20%

  • Available to most working parents

  • Quick and easy to set up

You can set up a Tax Free Childcare account through the government website. For every £8 you pay into this account, the government will pay in £2 to use to pay your provider. Pay us directly from this account and it'll cost you 20% less!

Universal Credit

As we are Ofsted registered, you may be able to add the cost to your tax Credit claims as we are After School Care Providers.

The amount of help varies up to 85% of the total costs.

Childcare Vouchers

These are available via your employer.


They are no longer available to new parents but many parents have retained their accounts and are still able to make savings using them. 

Student Finance

If you are in receipt of Student Finance, it may be possible to apply for a Childcare Grant for help towards up to 85% of childcare costs, including towards our fees at 3Rs Tuition as a Afterschool Childcare Provider

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