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English Tuition at 3Rs

A strong command of the English language is one of the most important things a child can learn; it comes as no surprise then that English tuition is a key part of what we offer. From recognising letters to the understanding the nuances of Macbeth, English tutors ensure that students feel confident reading and writing not only in their English classes but using their written communication skills in science, humanities and more. Whether its KS1, KS2, KS3 or GCSE, we have expert English tutors ready to help.

Individual Tuition Plans

Weekly written feedback

Same tutor each week

Regular assessments

Primary School English Tuition

Our English tuition is designed to complement the National Curriculum for English while working on the skills most needed by each individual student. From KS1, this can include everything from spellings practice, guided reading and sentence writing. Handwriting is often a key focus, and tutors match a student's work to the approach set by their school, so whether they are printing, precursive or ready to master joined up, the practice is consistent for the stduent.

Further developing their communication and comprehension skills comes next. KS2 English tuition can focus on everything from SPaG, inference and higher level comprehension skills and expanding on their creative  and point of view writing. Every child needs to practice these skills but our tuition offers an engaging, personalised way to do so. With Individual Tuition Plans and English tutors who really get to know their students, our tuition focuses on what they to work on, with topics suited to their interests and passions.

A focus on phonics

From as young as 5 or 6, students can benefit from dedicated phonics work to ensure a confident grasp of grapheme-phoneme correspondence. This allows them to read with confidence, even as words become longer and more complex, and it is something our KS1 English tutors are highly skilled in tutoring. Only once this is mastered will guided reading, comprehension and the development of independent writing skills be possible, so an early grasp of this offers a significant advantage to our English tuition students. KS1 English tuition therefore works at a pace set by the students to ensure they are able to master skills including sounding out and blending; then English tutors can focus on further reading and writing skills.

Art Class

A to Z English tuition

KS2 English SATs are highly important and can impact the ability set they are placed in for many subjects when students enter secondary school. Therefore English tuition for KS2 students also places a focus on examination prep, especially during UKS2, looking at the skills required for the reading, writing and spelling portions of the exam. As the SATs approach, students will also complete additional exam style practice papers to ensure they are familiar with the styles of questions expected in the test.

Primar English tuition
phonics English tuition

Secondary School English Tuition

Our English tuition for KS3 and KS4 covers all the keys required of students during their time at secondary school and beyond. Level appropriate examinations and past papers help English tutors identify any areas in which students could benefit from extra practice, be it developing their analysis skills, ensuring high quality written communication or helping them write with creativity and flare. Skills including constructing an argument and critical reading are also important and English tuition covers these areas. This can help them across other subjects too, as being able to explain their answers well and understand sources will aid them in the humanities, science and more.

KS3 English

GCSE English Literature vs English Language

As students begin to study GCSE English for the first time, the subject is divided into two. Our GCSE English tuition therefore focuses on the two separately, with some students working on one, the other or both. But what's the difference?

GCSE English language tuition focuses on practical skills for reading, understanding and communicating in English. Our English tutors therefore work on skills for each question style: including recognising and commenting on both structural and language features, understanding texts on a complex level as well as authorial

intent. Paper 1 looks at creative fiction and Paper 2 looks at non-fiction and point-of-view writing, so our English tuition focuses on both depending on the needs of the student.


GCSE English Literature focuses on reading and understanding literature in English. Students will study books, poems and plays, as selected from a National list by their schools and teachers, which they will then be asked to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of during their exam. Our English tutors have many years of experience tutoring for these texts and have the best resources to make this process simple for students.

GCSE English

For more information about our English tuition or how we can help your child, please get in touch

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