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Appleton Private Tutors

Individually prepared Maths, English
and Science tuition

GCSE, Primary, KS3 & 11+ Tutors based in Appleton Parish Hall, WA4 5EQ

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We have 10 other local centres in addition to Appleton

We have been operating as private tutors in Appleton and around Warrington for over a decade. We are therefore excited to be able to open a new centre right in the heart of Appleton, based in Appleton Parish Hall. Our Appleton tuition centre is just a 15-minute walk from Bridgewater High School and within easy access of Appleton Primary Schools too.

We are open in Appleton on Monday nights 3:40pm to 5:40pm.

Reserve your space at our Appleton tuition centre by booking a free tuition trial below.

New Appleton Centre opening 18th September 2023

Sessions available on Mondays - book a free trial session

Private Tuition in Appleton

Appleton Maths Tuition

Our approach to Maths tuition for Appleton depends on our system of individually prepared tuition. Private maths tuition students are regularly assessed, as well as working with the same Maths tutor each week, to ensure that the topics they cover are exactly right for them - be it number bonds to ten or solving quadratic equations.

Appleton English Tuition

English tuition for Appleton can cover anything from early phonics up to high level analysis of GCSE English language texts. Our private English tuition is always individual and covers whatever the students most need to work on.

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Appleton Science Tuition

Our Science tuition in Appleton is perfectly catered to the secondary school science curriculum while taking into account the needs of each student. We will cover topics from biology, chemistry or physics as is needed in our new Appleton centre.

Appleton 11+ Tuition

Private 11+ tuition is the perfect way to ensure that students feel confident and happy as their grammar school entrance exams approach. Our Appleton 11+ tutors draw from a wealth of knowledge after 10 years of tutoring students for nearby 11+ entrance exams.

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Our Tutors

Our tutors for Appleton are highly trained in tutoring for maths, English and Science at all ability levels. They have experience working with all local schools including Bridgewater High in Appleton.

Your child will be tutored by the same tutor each week to ensure consistency. All our Appleton tutors and staff members will get to know the students on an individual basis. This approach is proven across all our centres and ensures students receive the best possible tuition, whether it is in our upcoming Appleton centre or elsewhere, as well as students learning best in a comfortable, familiar environment.


Below are the prices for our in-person small group tuition. We also offer online tuition, including one-to-one.

Appleton Private GCSE Tuition


One hour per week: £87

(£20 per hour)

Two Hours per week: £155

(£18 per hour)

Paid monthly in advance


One hour per week:   £22

Two Hours per week: £40

Paid each week

Primary School Tutors Appleton Thorn

3Rs Tuition in Appleton opens on Monday, 3:40pm to 5:40pm

Book online or WhatsApp/Call for more information

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We have had the pleasure of offering private tuition to students from Appleton and across Warrington for over a decade. With so many years of experience, we know exactly how private tuition can help students who are struggling to keep up, in need of an extra push in time for their exams or simply bored by unchallenging topics in school.

If you have any concerns about your child's education or simply want to ensure they are performing at their very best, please get in touch.

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