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We are open for Summer 2021

We are open all summer long to help children catch up for the missed school. The centres are all Ofsted registered and are following the same Covid-19 protocols that schools and nurseries adhere to.

It is possible to book just for the summer holidays or just for a few weeks. 

All students will still have a personalised tuition plan based on their needs.

We have special Summer School offers. Currently our fees are £35 for three hours tuition.  All three hours must be taken on the same day by one child only. The cost includes a mix of working in exercise books and computer based tuition. The computer based tuition is fully supported by our staff who will be on hand to help the children and is very much based on each child's personal needs. All children will spend a maximum of one hour on our App for the computer based tuition. The remaining two hours are working in exercise books with the tutor.

Call for more information as to what we can offer.

 We are open all throughout all holidays with the exception of Christmas.

Although these holidays are great news for the children, for parents, they are often seen as too long as they struggle to keep them occupied.  In addition, parents are all too aware that their children's school levels slip as the break is so long. This is particularly so at this time due to the teaching time lost due to COVID-19. 

At 3Rs Tuition, we run a Summer School throughout the holidays.  All subjects and levels are available including English, maths and science.  Tuition is available for ages from 4 to adult.  Whether you are looking for GCSE, A Level, SATS, Entrance Exam Preparation or just general tuition, we have specialist tutors that can help. 

We do offer discounts on our fees for bookings of multiple hours.  Parents will still be able to pay with Childcare Vouchers, claim against Tax Credits or include the fees in their application for Student Finance.

Summer School will be available at all five of our Centres in Lymm, Culcheth, Warrington, Rainhill and Widnes.  Please contact us for further information.