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Our popular summer school will be returning for Summer 2024!

Monday 22nd July to Friday 30th August

The summer holidays offer a welcome break to students of all ages and are a time to be enjoyed by children and parents alike. However, it is common for students to struggle to settle back into school in September after 6 weeks or more of summer holidays without formal teaching or the structure of regular school. We can help by offering private tuition over the summer holidays, to maintain the progress made through the school year and leave students prepared to hit the ground running in September.

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The benefits of Summer School tuition

  • Summmer holidays tuition students of all ages maintain the progress made during the school year, keeping their brains active and giving them a chance to practice key topics further.

  • Summer school tuition provides a head start on any difficult content that may be coming up. This is especially important for students that may be starting an exam year or changing to a new key stage. They will also share the classroom with older students helping more nervous students get used to older kids they may come into contact with in September.

  • Children benefit from maintaining some of the structure of school, especially helping primary school tuition students remember important classroom behaviours and sustain their concentration levels.

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What would Summer School tuition cover

Like all our tuition, our Summer School tuition programme will be adapted to suit the needs of each individual student. If our assessments or feedback from school suggests that extra help is needed in a certain subject, then extra attention can be paid to that. Our expert tutors will adapt their tuition to suit each student to ensure they get the most out of their tuition.

Summer School tuition will cover key topics from the previous year, practicing key methods for maths, exercising their reading and writing skills or revising important concepts from the science curriculum.


Once students feel confident in these areas, tutors will then look to some early topics for the year ahead. This will give bright young people a head start on their school year and leave them feeling confident for the coming September.

11+ & Grammar School entrance exam preparation

Thinking about 11+? Our Summer School tuition can provide an ideal start to their 11+ preparation or give them that final push for exams coming up in September. We cover all local schools and exam boards and have expert 11+ tutors.


Below are the prices for summer school tuition.

For our wider pricing structure, see our prices page.


Paid each week

1 hour per week for £22/hr

2 hours per week for £20/hr

3+ hours per week for £15/hr

Hours can be in any of our 9 centres and applied to siblings.

Summer tuition booking

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School Tuition

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You can also book by phone, email or Whatsapp

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