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Online Tuition
GCSEs, 11+ Primary, KS3

Maths, English, Science & 11+ Tutors - Online Tuition via Private Interactive Whiteboard service with Audio and Video

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Online Maths, English, Science
& 11+ Tutors

We have found that many parents perception of online tuition is tuition that takes place via Zoom or Teams. Having spent many hours using these mediums, parents quite rightly have reservations about the effectiveness for online tutoring. At 3Rs Tuition, we use specialist educational software for all our online tuition. Our students all have a private interactive whiteboard, with video and audio links enabling both the students and tutors to see what the other is writing in real-time. The whiteboard put simply becomes an online exercise book. 

Private Interactive Whiteboard

The students work on an interactive whiteboard and the tutor marks the work and can give written feedback immediately. The tutor can also use the whiteboard to explain the work the same way a teacher uses a whiteboard in school 

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Online Class

Our Tutors

All our tutors are selected for their expertise & knowledge of the UK National Curriculum. From year 1 through to A Levels, we have the very best tutors. 

Your child will be tutored by the same tutor each week to ensure consistency. Our tutors then really get to know your child and this really helps provide the very best possible tuition

Online Tuition

Online Maths Tutors

Our online maths tutors use the LearnCube specialist educational software, complete with interactive whiteboard, video and audio links. The software has an online scientific calculator for all those challenging maths questions. By working together with the maths tutor our online tuition will provide the best possible basis to raise your child's levels. 

Online English Tutors

Our online English Tutors are able to work with their students via the interactive whiteboard, supported by the video and audio links. The tutor can upload questions on the various texts, work on PEED or Creative Writing for example.  With each student having a personalised tuition plan, the tutor will cover the areas that your child needs to work on to improve their English.

GCSE Tuition  Online

Online Science Tutors

We offer science tuition for KS3 and GCSE on our online service, with all the textbooks and workbooks needed for the locally used exam boards, as well as experienced science tutors ready to help.

11+ Online Tutors

11+ Online Tuition

Our online 11+ tutors have helped students gain entrance a wide variety of selective schools throughout the UK (and beyond). They are expert in all the examinations, including GL and utilise our tried and tested 11+ tuition methods from 3Rs Tuition in online. All aspects of the examinations are covered, including verbal and non-verbal reasoning.


How much will the tuition cost?

All online tuition fees for small group sessions for up to 4 students are payable monthly in advance. One to one sessions are paid on weekly basis.

All tuition is subject to our terms and conditions.

for small group tuition

One hour per week:   £87

(£20 per hour)

Two hours per week: £155

(£17 per hour)

Payable in advance

up to GCSE Level

£35 per hour - 1 student

£50 per hour - 2 students

Payable weekly

(A Levels)

£40 per hour - 1 student

£55 per hour - 2 students

Payable weekly

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