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You'll find a selection of questions here we are often asked by parents.

If there's anything we haven't covered, please get in touch and we'll be more than happy to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Tuition

What are tuition sessions like?

Students are set work on a subject we have identified they need to practice, with an explanation of what they need to do and how best to do it. Throughout the session, their tutor will then mark their work, check their understanding, answer questions and provide further guidance as needed.

Are students taught as a group?

No, never! All our tuition is entirely individual and based on each student's needs and abilities.


We believe that this is the only worthwhile approach to private tuition and gives the best results for students from ages 5 up to GCSE.

Do you only prepare students for exams?

Although we do work with lots of GCSE, SATs and 11+ students who are preparing for upcoming exams, we also support students at all phases of their education to keep up in school and feel confident in all their subjects.

Our Tuition

Our Centres

Where is tuition held?

We have ten tuition centres around Warrington, Halton and Wigan where our small group tuition is held. We also offer online tuition in small groups and 1-to-1.


Find your nearest centre here or learn more about our online tuition.

How large are your classes?

Our classes are no larger than six students. This allows tutors enough time to work individually with each student, while still encouraging independent learning and fostering perseverance as well as giving our sessions a familiar classroom environment for students.

Are your centres Ofsted Registered?

Yes, we are.

Our centres are Ofsted Registered as After School Childcare providers.


This allows us to offer reduced costs for parents through government childcare assistance schemes.

Our Centres

Payment & Fees

How much do you charge?

Our base rate for small-group tuition is £22 per hour, but savings can be made on additional hours, through a sibling discount, by paying monthly or using of childcare assistance schemes. Online tuition is also priced differently depending on the service offered. Find out more here

How can I pay?

We accept payment via bank transfer, cash payment in centre as well as payment via Tax Free Childcare accounts.

Monthly payments are due in advance of the month and weekly payments are due at the beginning of sessions.

Is there a notice period to leave?

In the first month, the notice period is 1 week.

After that, a 4-week notice period is required to terminate tuition.

These sessions are chargeable as normal.

Payment & Fees

Our policies

Do you charge for absences?

We require 48 hours notice of any absences - the session is still chargeable but we will offer a catch up session at an agreed time.

Absences with a shorter notice will be chargeable and although we will do our best to offer a catch up, this may not always be possible.

Full terms are below.

Are your tutors qualified teachers?

We do not require Qualified Teacher Status to train as a tutor with us. Instead, we offer a rigourous training programme for all new tutors to suit our approach to tuition.

Some of our tutors are teachers however others have relevant degrees or other qualifications.

Can I sit in on the session?

Due to child protection regulations, we cannot allow parents or any other adults into our classrooms. You may wait in the centre during the session if you wish but please be aware not all our centres have an appropriate waiting area to do this, as parents typically drop students off and return to collect them afterwards.

Our policies

Our Terms and Conditions

3Rs Tuition – All Centres

Absences and Catch Up Sessions

We are open all year except for a few weeks over Christmas. All sessions are chargeable; however, we have several options available depending on how much notice we receive. Catch up sessions for the Christmas period can be taken before or shortly after Christmas each year.

If your child is unable to attend their regular session, catch up sessions can be arranged as follows;

1. If we receive at least 48 hours’ notice, excluding weekends, then a catch-up can be arranged within the next 6 weeks subject to availability. The catch-up sessions can usually only be confirmed within 48 hours of the session unless we have received advance notice of a cancellation at that time from another student. For sessions normally scheduled for a Monday or Tuesday, please note the deadline for advising us is 5pm on Friday so we have ample time to advise the tutors without interrupting their weekend. During the summer holidays, we have more flexibility and can confirm catch up sessions much further in advance. 

2. If we receive less than 48 hours’ notice, excluding weekends, then we will do our utmost to find a catch-up session within the next seven days. This may be at an alternative centre if preferred. We are unable to guarantee catch up sessions for short notice cancellations We can also attach some work to complete at home to the Parent Portal or our online system as an alternative should you prefer this to an in centre catch up session. We request that your child bring in any completed catch-up work to their next attended session.

3. As an alternative to an in centre or online catch up, we can add two hours work for each hour missed to our student work support app to be completed at home that will cover the topics that would have been covered in centre. This is only available from year 1 up to GCSE level and is not available for A level students.


Please note that we can only rearrange a maximum of two sessions in one 3-month period.  The two sessions do not include any sessions missed over Christmas and more flexibility is available within reason over the summer holidays. We have found from experience that consistency of tutor helps your child's progress and the sessions become difficult to manage if they are rearranged more often.

Fees & Notice Period

During the first four weeks, it is only one week's notice. Thereafter it is one full calendar months' notice. Please send any notice via email in the first instance, which can also be followed up by text or WhatsApp if you prefer. Notice must be sent via email.


Parents have the choice between paying weekly or monthly in advance. Most parents opt to pay weekly initially and then change to paying monthly once their child has settled. Some choose to continue paying weekly. 

There is a minimum period of three months for parents who choose to pay monthly. We will revert the fees back to weekly for students who leave prior to the three-month period.

Terms & Conditions
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