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Great Sankey Tuition Centre

GCSE, Primary, KS3 & 11+ Tutors based at 1st Floor, 165 Park Road, Great Sankey WA5 3HG

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3Rs Tuition in Sankey is located in the centre of the Great Sankey neighbourhood with excellent links to the surrounding area. It is located less than 5 minutes walk from Great Sankey High and close to many other local secondary schools making it ideal for KS3 or GCSE students arriving to tuition by themselves.

The Great Sankey Tuition Centre also has free parking outside the centre that makes pick up and drop off for primary students quick and easy.

We also have ten other local centres

Tuition in Sankey

Maths tuition in Sankey

Our Sankey centre is kitted out with everything needed for maths tuition for all ages. Be it scientific calculators for our GCSE maths students or the brightly coloured bricks used to aid with counting, place value and more, Sankey has the right equipment and maths tutor for the job.

English tuition in Sankey

English tuition in our Sankey Centre can cover anything from a-b-c and high frequency words up to the various GCSE English literature texts favoured by local schools. Our tuition is always individual, but follow the link below for more information on what we offer for our English tuition students in Sankey.

Science tuition in Sankey

We offer science tuition for KS3 and GCSE in our Sankey centre, with all the textbooks and workbooks needed for the locally used exam boards, as well as experienced science tutors ready to help.

11+ tuition in Sankey

Our 11+ tutors in Sankey have helped students gain entrance into Blue Coat, Altrincham Girls and Boys Schools and many other schools in the area. They are experts in the local examinations and utilise our tried and tested 11+ tuition methods from 3Rs Tuition in Sankey.

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Our Tutors

Our tutors in Sankey are experienced in tutoring for maths, English and Science at all ability levels.

Your child will be tutored by the same tutor each week to ensure consistency. All our Sankey tutors and staff members get to know the students on an individual basis. This not only ensures 3Rs Tuition in Sankey provides the best possible tuition by catering sessions to the needs of each student but that students feel ready to learn in a welcoming, comfortable and familiar environment.



Below are the prices for our in-person small group tuition. We also offer online tuition, including one-to-one.

All tuition is subject to our terms and conditions.


One hour per week:   £87

(£20 per hour)

Two Hours per week: £155

(£18 per hour)

Paid monthly in advance


One hour per week:   £22

Two Hours per week: £40


Paid each week

Book Now Sankey Tuition

Not sure if we are right for you and your child? Book a trial session to see if this is the right tuition for your child.

This gives you an opportunity to visit our Sankey tuition centre and your child the chance to meet their potential new tutor and see what our sessions are like.

Maths, English and science tuition is available in Sankey on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, 4pm to 7pm

The trial is free for reception to year 5 and years 7 to 10. It is not currently available to year 6 students or those taking their GCSEs in May and June 2024. For 11+ exam preparation, please book using the 11+ link only.  The assessment session is £22 and last for two hours.  All tuition is subject to our terms and conditions.

Our Great Sankey Tuition Centre has been open since October 2021, but we have been operating in and around Warrington and Widnes for over a decade and have experience working with students from all local primary and secondary schools; students who are being home-schooled; those resitting exams through college; those who are struggling to keep up or who are excelling and feeling bored by education.

If you have any concerns about your child's education or simply want to ensure they are performing at their very best, please get in touch.

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