Science is considered a core subject at school, with all pupils now having to take the equivalent of two GCSEs.  The increased emphasis has coincided with the changes taking place around us. 

We offer science tuition in all subjects up to A level at 3Rs.  Whether it is biology, chemistry or physics tuition you require, we have tutors available. They have a wealth of experience in helping students in both GCSEs and A levels.  Last year we achieved 100% A* to C for our GCSEs and A levels, with 97% A* to B for A levels. 

Science is changing

There are so many scientific advances being made on a daily basis, we need as a country to ensure that our young people are equipped to embrace and contribute to these advances in the future.

More and more, we are seeing specialist engineering colleges springing up.  This again reflects the changes in the way science is advancing. Certainly the North West is leading the way in the development of modern science with many pharmaceutical companies basing themselves here.  Manchester University offers one of the leading research facilities for graphene (a sheet of carbon atoms, one atom thick that is so strong an elephant can sit on it and it will not break, perfect for mobile phone screens)

The students educated in engineering and many other scientific areas, such as medicine, dentistry, veterinary science, pharmacy and many other scientific areas will be well placed to secure a bright future for themselves. 

Science Courses