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Personalised tuition
in a small group setting

Maths, English, Science & 11+ tutors at Tuition Centres across Warrington, Halton and Wigan

Why choose 3Rs?

Empowering Students Since 2011: Proven Excellence in Private Tuition for Maths, English, Science, and 11+

We assess the student's needs in their first proper session and then we create the first personalised 13-week tuition plan. The tuition plans are updated automatically every 13 weeks. These plans, along with weekly feedback, are accessible to parents via our Parent Portal. Our approach avoids a one-size-fits-all model, tailoring tuition to address specific learning needs and fill knowledge gaps efficiently. Each child receives a unique plan, ensuring a focused and effective learning experience.

Individual Tuition

Catering to Individual Learning Needs: Tailored Tuition Plans and Regular Assessments for Optimal Progress

Familiar Classroom Environment

Small Group Sessions for a Classroom-like Experience: Up to 6 Students Working on Individual Topics, Fostering Independence and Classroom Skills

Specially Trained Tutors

Expertly Trained Tutors for All Ages and Abilities in Maths, English & Science: Weekly Feedback through our Parent Portal, DBS-Checked Staff with Academic Excellence and Teaching Acumen

National Curriculum Focused

Expert Education Team: Tailored Tuition Plans Aligned with the National Curriculum, GCSE, SATs, and 11+ Preparation through Exam-Focused Assessment and Instruction


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J Silva

My 15-year-old son went here for tuition in Maths and English, for the run up to his GCSEs. He massively improved and he went into his exams with loads of confidence. Now my 10-year-old daughter goes, and I can see the improvements in her. It’s a lovely place and my kids really like the tutors.

L Davies

I would highly recommend 3Rs tuition.  My son's maths tutor is excellent and really gave him confidence. Communication is great especially the weekly updates about progress.

H Parker

Both my son's have been tutored by Simon and his fantastic team for 11+ exams. Both were successful in their exams. The tutors are knowledgeable, friendly and have a brilliant relationship with the students. I would absolutely recommend 3Rs to anyone looking for tuition for their child.

Our Centres

We currently have 11 tuition centres aound Warrington, Halton and Wigan. Click on the pins below to visit the location pages for all our centres.

Subjects & school levels

Our Prices

Flexible Payment Options: Choose Weekly or Monthly for Tuition Fees. Visit Our Fees Page for Pricing Details and Information on Available Assistance. All Tuition Subject to Terms and Conditions.


  • One hour per week: £87 (£20 per hour)

  • Two hours per week: £155 (£18 per hour)

Payable monthly in advance


  • One hour per week: £22 (£22 per hour)

  • Two hours per week: £40 (£20 per hour)

Payable weekly

Our centres are Ofsted-registered, allowing us to offer our customers exclusive ways to save on the cost of tuition.

Save 20% with
Tax Free Childcare

Save up to 85% with
Universal Credit

What We Offer

Math Formulas and a Calculator

Maths Made Easy

Maths Tutors for Comprehensive Tuition: From Times Tables to Quadratic Equations, Providing the Confidence Your Child Needs to Excel with Private Maths Tuition.

Book on Table

"A-to-Z English Tuition

From Primary to GCSE and Secondary School Levels, Our Expert English Tutors Provide Private Tuition for Reading and Writing Excellence, Guiding Students from Phonics to Comprehension to High-Level Analysis.

Chemistry Class

Unlocking the Secrets of Science

For students grappling with the intricacies of physics, chemistry, and biology, our private science tuition is the solution. Our expert science tutors simplify complex concepts, making science accessible and understandable.

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Entrance Exam Success

If you're thinking about grammar school for your child, 11+ tuition can make the difference. Even the brightest students can benefit for the support and guidance of our 11+ tutors towards entrance exam success.

Taking an Exam

Expert exam help for GCSE students

Give them that extra confidence boost for their exams with the guidance of a GCSE tutor. Our private GCSE tuition focuses on building robust subject knowledge and developing exam technique, whether its GCSE maths, English or science.

Online Class_edited.jpg

Quality tuition, conveniently online

Not able to make into one of our centres? We offer small group tuition and 1-1 tuition online! Online tutors use a dedicated learning platform to cover everything from primary school phonics tuition to GCSE maths tuition.


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