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Making maths fun

Maths Tuition at 3Rs

Maths tuition at one of our tuition centres - located in Warrington, Widnes, Sankey, Culcheth and Lymm - begins with an Individual Tuition Plan. This means students are assessed with an age and ability appropriate test and our maths tutors use this to create a personalised plan to suit their needs. After this, maths tutors follow this plan each week, covering the topics that were identified as an issue for the student, as well as incorporating further topics that may come up during tuition.


After ten weeks, the student is reassessed to track progress made through their tuition and a new plan is drawn up, reflecting this progress. Through this process, our maths tuition is unique to each child's needs and abilities, and ensures we work at their pace, building confidence and giving them the help they need.

Individual Tuition Plans

Weekly written feedback

Same tutor each week

Regular assessments

Primary School Maths Tuition

Maths in KS1 & KS2 focuses on numeracy; these are the key skills that will build a child's understanding of maths for the rest of their lives. Our KS1 and KS2 maths tuition complements this curriculum, practicing everything from counting forwards and backwards and number bonds to 10; to times tables, fractions, decimals and percentages as well as interpreting graphs and charts.


As always, our tuition is designed to suit the student, so if they are excelling, we push them onto more advanced topics to develop their maths skills further and hone their natural abilities Equally, where school teachers must move on even if a topic isn't entirely mastered, we keep returning to difficult topics until the student is confident.


Our maths tutors work with the same students each week and are perfectly placed to understand how to make maths fun for every child as an individual, ensuring they get the most out of their maths tuition.

KS1 and KS2 SATs

In addition to practicing key skills, students due to sit maths SATs papers will also begin focusing on exam work. Their maths tuition will therefore include practicing the key methods used in arithmetic paper, with an eye on accuracy and clearly showing their working out. In addition, we incorporate past paper questions and word problems of the sort that appear on the reasoning paper, to ensure they are highly familiar with questions like these in time for their examinations.

This exam practice is combined with ongoing practice to keep math tuition sessions fun and engaging while giving them the chance to practice exam technique in time for the all important tests.

Primary school
SATs maths

Secondary School Maths Tuition

For many students at this level, maths can be daunting - our maths tuition is designed to make maths feel easy for every student.

We work at a pace set by students, on topics identified through regular assessment. The supportive environment created by our expert maths tutors can help even the least confident students master difficult methods. Working with the student as an individual, maths tutors can also help deal with questions that come up in class, making sure no student is left feeling lost and confused.

For students feeling bored by "too-easy" maths classes, tuition provides them with an opportunity to expand their understanding and prepare for achieving high marks at GCSE examinations and beyond.

Topics covered in our maths tuition centres at this level include ratio and proportion, geometry, algebra, number skills and statistics.

GCSE Maths

Our GCSE maths tutors are experts in the subject matter and ideally placed to ensure the best possible grades from each student, whatever exam board or paper they are sitting. Working on an individual basis with each student, maths tutors demonstrate key methods and provide past paper questions to hone student's skills, complementing their revision with GCSE maths tuition designed just for them.

As examinations approach, our maths tutors support students in taking responsibility for their own learning, covering topics that have come up during independent revision in addition to those identified through past paper assessments. Through private tuition, students are better prepared and achieve higher marks at GCSE maths exams.

GCSE Maths

For more information about our maths tuition or how we can help your child, please get in touch

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