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Leigh Tuition Centre

Private Maths, English and Science Tuition

GCSE, Primary, KS3 & 11+ Tutors

Leigh tuition centre

Our students in Leigh are currently attending our Culcheth Centre -

New Leigh Centre opening very soon

We have been helping tuition students in Leigh and around Warrington and Culcheth for over 12 years. We are therefore exciting to open a dedicated Leigh Tuition Centre to better cater to our students from this area. We will work with students from schools including local Leigh primary schools and secondary schools including The Westleigh School and Bedford High School.

Currently, our Leigh private tuition students are mostly attending our Culcheth centre.

Private Tuition in Leigh

Leigh Maths Tuition

Leigh maths tutors offer personalised tutoring to students of all levels and ages. Tutors work at a pace that suits the individual needs of each student, ensuring they gain confidence and master the skills required.

Leigh English Tuition

Our new Leigh tuition centre offers English tuition that is tailored to the needs of each student. Our expert Leigh English tutors can cover anything from phonics with KS1 students to advanced texts like Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet with GCSE students.

leigh private maths tutor
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Leigh Science Tuition

Our science tutors in Leigh adapt their sessions to meet each student's unique needs, while adhering to the secondary school science curriculum standards. They may cover biology, chemistry, and physics or concentrate on a particular part of the course, depending on the individual's assessment results and abilities.

Leigh 11+ Tuition

Our Leigh 11+ tuition is tailored to each student's abilities and the specific grammar school entrance exam they will take. With over 10 years of experience, our tutors have a proven approach to help students succeed.

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Our Tutors

Our tutors for Leigh are highly trained in tutoring for maths, English and Science at all ability levels. They will have experience working with all local schools including Bedford High School, The Westleigh School and all Leigh primary schools.

In addition to providing a familiar and welcoming environment, our Leigh Tuition Centre will be staffed by experienced and qualified tutors who are passionate about helping students reach their full potential. We believe that every student has unique needs and learning styles, and we work hard to tailor our tuition sessions to each individual student's needs. This means that whether a student needs extra help with a particular subject or wants to be challenged to achieve their full potential, our tutors will provide the support and guidance they need. At our Leigh Tuition Centre, students can expect a personalised and engaging learning experience that will help them succeed academically and beyond.

Leigh Tuition Prices


Below are the prices for our in-person small group tuition. We also offer online tuition, including one-to-one.


One hour per week:   £22

Two Hours per week: £40

Paid each week


One hour per week: £87

(£20 per week)

Two Hours per week: £150

(£17 per week)

Paid monthly in advance

Not sure if we are right for you and your child? Book a free trial!

This gives you an opportunity to meet us in person and for your child to see what tuition with us might be like.

The free trial is not available for Year 5 students taking 11+ exams in September 2023. Please call 01925 555567 to arrange tuition if your child is taking an 11+ exam in the September 2023.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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Over the past decade, we have assisted numerous students from various areas across the north west. With our extensive experience, we understand the significance of education to both students and parents. Our individually tailored tuition is designed to provide students with the specific support they require.

If you have any concerns about your child's education or simply want to ensure they are performing at their very best, please get in touch.

Leigh Private Tutors
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