Providing tuition that is as individual as your child

Choosing the right tutor for your child can be quite challenging.  At 3Rs Tuition, we have the very best tutors available that cover the Thelwall area.  All our tutors are well qualified and experienced.  They are fully up to date with the National Curriculum and are trained to give the very best tuition.

All the tuition we provide takes place in one of our Ofsted registered centres. This means not only are you able to pay using Childcare Vouchers or claim against your Tax Credits, you can be sure that we have all the same safety protocols in place that schools and nurseries have.

As all our students have an Individual Tuition Plan that is written by their tutor, you can be sure that we are helping your child just where they need it most.  All the tuition plans outline the areas that will be covered during the next six weeks and will give you feedback as to how your child is progressing.  The plans are automatically updated every six weeks to ensure that they continue to meet your child's needs.

We upload the tuition plans to a parent portal so you can view and download them at anytime.

So whether your child attends Bridgewater High, Sir Thomas Boteler or one of the surrounding primary schools, you can be sure we will have just the right tutor for maths, English and science for you.

We have maths, English and science tutors available for all school ages from 6 through to GCSE level and beyond.