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GCSE Science Tuition

GCSE Science is now a required subject for students at GCSE level


Our GCSE Science tuition is catered to the needs of each individual student, covering topics from biology, chemistry and physics according to their abilities, exam board and desired results.

Your GCSE Science tutor will be an expert in the exam boards of all local schools and ready to provide supportive and patient tuition personalised to their students needs.

Science GCSE Tuition at 3Rs Tuition

Our GCSE Science tuition aims to help students understand the world around them on a scientific level. Whether students want to ensure a pass in a subject in which they are struggling, or want to push themselves to achieve the highest grades, GCSE Science tuition will give them boost they need. With the help and guidance of GCSE Science tutor who they work with each week, they will gain confidence in  understanding everything from celluar biology to atomic bonding and electromagnetic radiation while honing exam technique and working towards their desired grade.


With our Individual Tuition Plans, GCSE Science tutors identify any gaps in knowledge across the GCSE Science curriculum, focusing on the subjects and modules each student most needs to cover.


Through guided practice and  feedback from our GCSE Science tutors, students hone their understanding of the scientific method, practice explaining complex concepts in their own words and applying the many formula expected at GCSE Science.


Regular assessments catered to their exam board and ability allow students is practice their exam technique while our Science GCSE tutors get to know each student and understand how best to help them improve their grades.


Supportive GCSE tuition in Science doesn't only improve their abilities - it gives them confidence in their own knowledge and understanding. We strive to ensure our students achieve the grades they want, and do so with a smile.

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GCSE Science Tutors

Our GCSE Science Tutors are experts in science education who will provide the best possible tuition catered to each student as an individual. Your child will see the same GCSE science tutor each week in order to provide consistency and allow our tutors to get to know their students.

With wide and varied topics like GCSE science, tuition should be just as varied. Covering topics that studets need to work on, lead by the students, advice from schools, test results and tutor's experience, students get GCSE science tuition as unique as them.

What will GCSE Science tuition cover

Our tuition is always individual, which is vital for proper GCSE Science tuition. With students sitting the combined or separate course, different exam boards, Higher or Foundation and with breadth of knowledge required across biology, chemistry and physics, our GCSE Science tutors cater the work to the topics they will need for their specific exam.


Through appropriate past paper assessments, tutors will decide what topics from the GCSE Science specification that students will most benefit from extra attention in. Students may cover entire modules in depth in their sessions if this is needed, or spend a single session revising a particular model or concept. If our GCSE science tutors identify a weakness in their exam technique, they may spend a session responding to graphs and tables or refining their use of the scientific method.

Students will also be encouraged to inform their sessions, bringing topics to the attention of their tutors GCSE Science topics that came up in their independent revision or assessments in school. Our GCSE science tutors offer a place to ask for that expert help or resolve burning questions that students may not feel confident or may not have the time to bring up in the classroom.

GCSE Science Tuition for Careers in STEM

The relevance of science in the modern world cannot be overstated; through our GCSE Science Tuition, we wish to complement that. Many of our GCSE Science tuition students are looking to embark on a career, college course or University degree for which high grades in GCSE Science in combination with a brilliant scientific approach to learning are highly necessary. Our science tuition for GCSE level aims to both push their comprehension and ability to its highest level while also ensuring the grades they need. Our GCSE Science tutors understand the importance of this to our students and are ideally placed to help them achieve their goals.

Prices GCSE

Below are the prices for our in-person small group tuition.

We also offer online GCSE science tuition, including 1-to-1.

All tuition is subject to our terms and conditions.



One hour per week: £87

(£20 per hour)

Two Hours per week: £155

(£18 per hour)

Paid monthly in advance


One hour per week: £22

Two Hours per week: £40

Paid each week

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Over a decade of experience in science GCSE tuition

We have been helping students achieve their very best grades in and around Warrington and Widnes since we set up 3Rs Tuition in 2011. We know that parents and students alike find the prospect of GCSE Science examinations daunting however we know also they have nothing to fear with the help of supportive private tuition. Our experience shows that GCSE Science tuition helps students improve their grades while feeling less nervous about upcoming exams.


Being local to the Warrington and Widnes area, we have over a decade of experience in dealing the individual school's curriculums and exam boards. We haved helped students from all the local secondary schools with GCSE Science; our tutors providing the help and guidance they need.

If you have any concerns about upcoming GCSE Science examinations or your child's performance at school, please contact us using the form below or give us a call on 01925 555567.

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