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New Northwich Centre opening very soon

Northwich Tuition Centre

Private Tutors for KS1, KS2, KS3, GCSE and 11+

Maths, English & Science Tuition available

Northwich Private Tuition Centre

We have been operating as private tutors in the north west for over a decade. We have helped students in their education through individually prepared and planned private tuition. Due to our experience, we are well placed to understand the methods and exam boards used by local schools and cater our tuition to these on an individual basis, for the benefit of new Northwich tuition students.

We are therefore pleased to be opening new Northwich Tuition Centre very soon.

Private Tuition in Northwich

Northwich Maths Tuition

Maths tuition in our new Northwich centre will be tailored to the specific needs of each student, following our proven approach to maths tuition. Our experienced Northwich maths tutors will identify areas of strength and weakness through assessments, and work on individual topics to help students build confidence while addressing any gaps in knowledge.

gcse english maths and science northwich tutor

Northwich English Tuition

Our English tutors at the new tuition centre in Northwich have been carefully chosen for their proficiency in local exam boards and key learning methods. With expertise in phonics as well as English literature, our tutors can assist students in mastering the subject at any level.

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Northwich Science Tuition

Science tuition students in Northwich can expect high-quality tutoring from our experienced tutors. Our tutors cover all key concepts and details in the KS3 and GCSE science curriculum to ensure that students have a comprehensive understanding of the subject.

Northwich 11+ Tuition

Our new Northwich centre offers 11+ tuition for Northwich tuition students, which is tailored to help gifted students reach their full potential. If you're planning to seek admission to a grammar school in the North West, our Northwich centre provides individualised tuition to ensure that students are fully prepared for their exams.

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Maths tutor northwich

Our Tutors

We select experienced tutors with expertise in maths, English, and science, providing students with personalized and supportive guidance. Our Northwich take the time to understand each student's strengths and weaknesses and adapt their teaching methods accordingly. This ensures that every student receives individually tailored tuition to meet their unique needs.

At our Northwich Tuition Centre, we will prioritise creating a comfortable and welcoming learning environment to help even the most nervous students feel at ease. This supportive atmosphere fosters confidence, allowing students to tackle new and challenging topics.

Prices Northwich tuition


Below are the prices for our in-person small group tuition. We also offer online tuition, including one-to-one.


One hour per week:   £22

Two Hours per week: £40

Paid each week


One hour per week: £87

(£20 per week)

Two Hours per week: £150

(£17 per week)

Paid monthly in advance

Not sure if we are right for you and your child? Book a free trial!

This gives you an opportunity to meet us in person and for your child to see what tuition with us might be like.

The free trial is not available for Year 5 students taking 11+ exams in September 2023. Please call 01925 555567 to arrange tuition if your child is taking an 11+ exam in the September 2023.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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Having worked in private tuition for 12 years, we understand the significant impact that a supportive tutor can have on students who are struggling to keep up, in need of an extra boost before exams, or simply disengaged by unchallenging topics at school.

If you have any concerns about your child's education, or want to ensure they are reaching their full potential, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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