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Maths, English, Science & 11+ Tutors

Our experienced tutors will prepare for your child as an individual ensuring they have the best possible tuition each time they attend.

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Your child is unique

And so should their tuition be

Tutoring each child as an individual is very much at the heart of all the tuition we offer. Our tutors assess every child during their first session.  The tutor then thoroughly reviews the completed assessment, identifying the areas that they will cover during the tuition sessions.  They are looking for gaps in the knowledge and the aim is to fill these gaps. A tuition plan is then written that outlines what the tutor found during the assessment and what topics will be covered during the next 8 weeks and why.  This plan then automatically updated every 8 weeks so it always stays relevant to each child's needs.  The tuition plans, along with written weekly feedback are added to our Parent Portal.

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Subjects & school levels

Primary School

Maths & English

Years 7 to 9

Maths, English & Science


Maths, English Language, English Literature, Biology, Chemistry, Physics & Science


Maths, English,

Verbal & Non-verbal reasoning

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Our Tutors

All our tutors are selected for their experience, expertise & knowledge. Picking the right tutor is half the battle and having a tutor that both you and your child trust is extremely important. Our tutors are trained to identify the best approach for each of their students to ensure we provide the very best possible tuition.   

Your child will be tutored by the same tutor each week to ensure consistency and is similar to having the same teacher all year at school.  Our tutors then really get to know your child and this really helps provide the very best possible tuition

How much will the tuition cost?

With a choice of paying either weekly or monthly, parents can select which option works best for them.


Why 3Rs Tuition?

Finding the right tutor for your child can be a daunting task. This is why we take the time to chat to all our parents about their concerns and what we can do to help. There have been many many times when we have chatted to parents for the best part of an hour so we can get a clear picture of why they are looking for a tutor and what their concerns are.  If you look at our reviews, you can see that parents have found this to be extremely helpful

Having the same tutor each week is important as tutors then really get to know their students, how they learn and the signs to look out for if they are struggling. This has a really positive impact on the tuition.  This is why we ask our students to book in for the same time and day each week. 

All our students are tutored as individuals, with personalised tuition plans that are updated every 8 weeks. The tutors then prepare for each student in advance of the sessions. We don't have sessions where all the students cover the same work such as systematically working though the same exam questions, as not all students need help in the same areas.  Learning techniques to answer exam questions is important and will be included in the tuition whilst focussing on the areas personal to each student. 

We have tutors available for all school years from Year 1 to A Levels including GCSEs, SATs & 11+ tuition (including Blue Coats school)

With flexible payment options, parents can choose between paying weekly, monthly or for longer periods. There is no minimum period you will need to sign up for or any registration fees.

We are also open throughout all school holidays except for Christmas

We have no minimum period but do ask for a calendar month's notice when leaving

Call on 01925 555567, 0151 345 0530 or 07799 781804 (WhatsApp or Text) or email ( to book

Our Ofsted registered centre in Warrington provides maths, English and science tuition for children of all ages. We have experienced tutors for children from age 5 to adult. Below is a list of the levels of students we tutor:

Key Stage 1 - years 1 & 2

Key Stage 2 - years 3 to 6


Entrance Exam Preparation (11+)

Key Stage 3 - years 7 to 9

Key Stage 4 - GCSE years 10 and 11

Key Stage 5 - A Levels & BTEC level 3

We offer tuition in the following subjects:









Business Studies