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Tuition that is as unique as your child

Maths, English, Science & 11+ Tutors based at 55a Widnes Road, Widnes WA8 6AZ

Individually Prepared Tuition

Weekly Feedback

Highly recommended by parents

Same tutor each week

Maths, English, Science & 11+ Tutors

Our experienced tutors will prepare for your child as an individual ensuring they have the best possible tuition each time they attend.

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Your child is unique

And so should their tuition be

Our carefully planned & individually prepared tuition will help your child reach their full potential, improving their confidence alongside their academic levels

Call 01925 555567 to discuss how we can help your child or WhatsApp 07799 781804

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Subjects & school levels

Primary School

Maths & English

Years 7 to 9

Maths, English & Science


Maths, English Language, English Literature, Biology, Chemistry, Physics & Science


Maths, English,

Verbal & Non-verbal reasoning

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Our Tutors

All our tutors are selected for their expertise & knowledge of the UK National Curriculum. From year 1 through to A Levels, we have the very best tutors. 

Your child will be tutored by the same tutor each week to ensure consistency. Our tutors then really get to know your child and this really helps provide the very best possible tuition

How much will the tuition cost?

With a choice of paying either weekly or monthly, parents can select which option works best for them.